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30% of Data Center Servers are Comatose

Date posted: 4th June 2015

Over $30 billion dollars in Data Center investment is not being utilized.

According to recent research from Anthesis Group, a global sustainability consultant over 30% of data center servers are comatose or not in use. Comatose is defined by their research as servers that have not been in service for over six months. The research found that over 10 million servers are comatose worldwide virtualized inclusive This translates into over $30 billion in capital investments sitting unused, which doesn’t even include the ongoing operation costs to manage that infrastructure.

Partner at Anthesis Group, Jon Taylor “Far too many businesses have massive Information Technology (IT) infrastructure inefficiencies of which they are not even aware”

A primary driver of excess server capacity for many firms is poor asset identification and workflow distribution. By implementing proper discovery, asset management and provisioning processes in the enterprise firms can better position themselves for improved efficiency of their capital investments.

According to Dr Koomey a researcher in environmental technology  “In the twenty first century, every company is an IT company, yet far too little attention is given to IT inefficiencies, and to the need for widespread changes in how IT resources are built, provisioned, and managed.”

Despite this opportunity still today many IT organizations are handicapped  by day-to-day  maintenance  of obsolete infrastructure technologies, legacy software, outdated processes and faced with continuous shortage of skilled workforce.  As such, it is often difficult to achieve competitive advantage when the IT Dept is fighting fires day in and day out.

So what can be done to help?

  • Migration to the latest in platform technology including Cloud Computing will empower business to be more agile and take better control over the capital expense.
  • Data Center Optimization solutions can reduce wasted capital expense, power and operational costs associated with wasted capacity
  • A discovery and asset management process should be implemented with a partner that understands the multi vendor environment

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