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Server/Storage Virtualization

Server/Storage Virtualization - Netfast


Server and storage virtualization are priorities for organizations of all shapes and sizes. The availability, reliability and security of data are hallmarks of success in today’s IT climate—and your business simply can’t afford inefficient data centers that are haphazardly dispersed and vulnerable to delays or worse yet, data loss due to security intrusions.

Optimized Virtualization Solutions

Netfast is a New York virtualization solutions provider with a solid track record in helping  organizations across North America improve data center management with optimized server virtualization and storage virtualization solutions—solutions that are designed to enhance the availability, security and cost efficiency of technology across your organization.

In most enterprises, improved performance and efficiency are important technology targets. Netfast’s Server Virtualization and Storage Virtualization solutions are supported by highly certified and experienced IT professionals, enabling your organization to leverage virtualization as a driver of bottom line business outcomes.

Netfast Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server(s) into multiple, virtual server environments as way to maximize server resources and to optimize the performance of your server technology. Netfast Server Virtualization provides several important benefits to your organization, including:

Netfast Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization disguises the complexity of IT storage environments through the collection of data from multiple physical storage devices into a single, virtualized device that is managed through a central console. Netfast Storage Virtualization solutions are regularly used to help organizations achieve key advantages, including:

At Netfast, we know how important storage virtualization and server virtualization are to your business. From start to finish, we have the experience and IT partnerships to help your organization leverage best-in-class server and storage virtualization for the best possible IT outcomes.

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