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In education, technology is emerging a catalyst for collaboration and information sharing. But in many institutions, the demand for improved communications technology is being compromised by the need for better security and enhanced system performance. More than ever before, your organization needs a coherent and comprehensive IT strategy designed to meet the expectations of diverse technology stakeholders.

Building IT for Today’s Higher  Education Environment

Netfast is at the forefront of solutions and services designed to meet the challenges of today’s education environment. Our experience with schools, colleges and universities includes the delivery of IT solutions to prevent non-authorized access or the introduction of viruses from non-secure sites to the deployment of advanced technologies that improve collaboration and communications across multi-campus institutions.

At Netfast, we’ve built our reputation on providing end-to-end technology solutions for organizations and institutions across the education sector. Some of the most common solutions we provide to schools and universities include:

Rather than being a source of anxiety, we believe IT should be a resource that allows your institution to take advantage of new opportunities and enhances your ability to serve your  students, faculty and staff. From start to finish, Netfast is the smart choice for IT solutions and services that reduce costs and opens the door to new opportunities across your organization.

Top 5 Ways Schools Can Benefit from IT Staffing Services

Advances in technology are changing how schools, colleges and universities staff their IT departments. Gone are the days when a technology specialist visited the classroom. Today, teachers are expected to be computer literate, and schools require engineers to keep network resources up and running.

The addition of new technologies and related projects, like one-to-one programs, bring the need for IT staff that can support end users and maintain the infrastructure. But budgets are tight and just getting the funding to procure new technology can be difficult without considering the personnel to maintain and manage it. That’s where IT staffing services can help.

Here are five ways schools in the New York tri-state area can benefit from IT staffing services

The heterogeneous nature of today’s IT infrastructures make them more complex than ever before. Engineers who specialize in Microsoft and Cisco, for example, can more efficiently implement and maintain them than a jack-of-all-trades. Schools in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut can get exactly the skills they need when they need them by going through an IT staffing firm.

Schools can further reduce the cost of their technology projects by eliminating the overhead associated with direct hires. Health and dental insurance, a retirement fund, payroll taxes and other staffing expenses account for about 20% of a full-time employee’s base salary. Those costs are eliminated when you hire a network technician or database specialist from a tri-state IT staffing agency like Netfast.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in schools. Not only can it help improve student engagement, the skills for using technology are a pre-requisite for succeeding “in the real world.” School districts and boards must be able to give students and teachers what they need to succeed in the 21st Century without spending months interviewing and hiring the staff to implement it.

Teachers have a lot to achieve with their students in a short period of time. Every second spent waiting for a video to load or an application to open is wasted. But when IT workloads become too full, basic operational tasks like application and network maintenance can slip through the cracks. Microsoft and Cisco engineers from a tri-state IT staffing services firm can help ensure that applications stay updated and network performance remains stable.

Student enrollment can fluctuate from year to year, or even semester to semester. IT staff augmentation services allow schools to scale their IT workforce on demand, whether they need a systems administrator in Connecticut or a network technician in Long Island.

To learn more about how Netfast’s IT staffing services can help your school achieve its technology goals efficiently and cost effectively, contact us at

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