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UCC Collaboration Solutions - Netfast


Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is a key factor in productivity and innovation. More than ever before, organizations need reliable, real-time tools that equip stakeholders with scalable technologies to improve collaboration, drive cost efficiencies and maintain a highly secure IT environment.

Netfast Unified Communications Solutions

Netfast UCC solutions integrate multiple methods of communication (IP telephony, mobile, email, voice mail, audio/video/web conferencing, instant messaging) with collaborative tools including team workspaces, social networks and shared content.

In addition to improving efficiency and communication, Netfast Unified Communications solutions minimize business process delays with automated notifications that alert all stakeholders about the need for intervention and decision-making. Leveraging technology from leading providers, our UCC solutions enable creative thinkers, designers, architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, financial controllers and others to bring concepts from the drawing board to implementation on time and on budget.

Netfast Unified Communications solutions can be deployed as a Blended Premises Service in which some services are provided by the enterprise, while others are delivered via the cloud. This significantly reduces the amount of time and cost that is required to procure, maintain and support the hardware and software components necessary for UCC services.

Features and Benefits of Netfast UCC (Collaboration) Solutions

Netfast UCC solutions offer a variety of features and benefits to organizations that rely on seamless communication tools as drivers of innovation, collaboration and productivity.

Located in the heart of New York City, Netfast is a proven Unified Communications provider for businesses and enterprises across the nation. With Netfast UCC solutions, you receive innovative technologies that will improve productivity, reduce costs and drive collaboration in your organization.

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