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IT life cycle managementIT Life Cycle Management for New York Mid-Market Enterprise


IT Life Cycle Management is a key driver of value and optimized spend in enterprise IT. Organizations that nurture an intentional, strategic approach to the management of technology-related hardware and infrastructure investments achieve important business and IT advantages, while those that de-prioritize IT Life Cycle Management often find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Whether you are dealing with aging technology or have recently invested in a wave of new IT equipment, the time to begin managing your equipment life cycle is now, before you are forced into a position of reactive decision-making. With the assistance of an experienced IT Life Cycle Management service provider, you can position your organization to make better decisions and extend the value of your IT CapEx investments.

Netfast: IT Life Cycle Management in the Cloud

At Netfast, we believe the best time to develop an IT life cycle management plan is right now, before equipment malfunctions and other issues force you to involuntarily sunset critical components in your IT ecosystem. Across the board, organizations that are proactive in planning for the hardware life cycle gain more value from their decisions than those that are forced into reactionary mindsets.

What Do We Provide?

IT Asset Procurement and Acquisition:

Procure assets directly through our platform-as-as-service saving money and time. Our platform as a service (ServiceNow) provides direct connection to leading procurement vendors including TechData, AT&T and HP

IT Asset Deployment:

Onsite resources available on demand to deploy and integrate new assets in your environment.

IT Vendor and Asset Management:

Asset inventory, tracking and knowledge database along with vendor consolidation all in an effort to save you time and money.

IT Asset Disposal:

We guide you through the complete life cycle of your assets including compliant disposal in an environmentally friendly manner. We also work with the secure destruction of assets in order to protect your business sensitive data.

IT Asset Buyback:

Recover the value from your surplus equipment. Our buyback program offers cash back for your equipment for companies seeking to upgrade to newer technology.

Armed with the insights and information captured from our assessment, Netfast can provide recommendations for future capital expenditures and equipment acquisitions. In many cases, we can suggest a staged approach that enables your organization to significantly improve the value of your IT expenditures by integrating new hardware with legacy infrastructure.

From start to finish, the IT Life Cycle Management process and road map we deliver to your organization will be tailored to your unique goals and requirements, and will provide an actionable framework for maximizing both the return and performance of your organization’s IT investments.

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