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Why Work at Netfast?

A Message from our CEO

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handsWhy Work At Netfast?


You are at the top of your game and you have many choices on where you would want to work. So, the question becomes a simple one – why should I choose to work at Netfast?

The answer is simple. We are a Winning Team!

If you are tired of working with C-Class players and are interested in joining an A-Class Team, then Netfast is for you!

What differentiates us from other Cloud Managed Services companies, is our culture which is deeply rooted in “always doing the right thing” and our fundamental belief that if we take care of our employees, our business will succeed and grow.

In today’s work environment where employees frequently move around for being dissatisfied, our company-wide average tenure is well over 6+ years. This is because we invest time and money in our employees professional development and their career advancement to ensure that as our company grows, they experience personal and professional growth in the process.

We strive to align employee strengths with their responsibilities to ensure each person realizes their unlimited human potential.

We have been in business since 1996 and in the span of 20 years, we have never rested on our laurels and consistently stayed ahead of the curve in offering innovative Cloud Managed Services to our customers. Each employee of our Company is immersed in learning the newest of IT technologies through extensive training, hence increasing their value a IT professionals in a fast growing industry.

Our work environment energizes and encourages our employees to excel in everything they do by being understanding, flexible and sensitive to their personal and professional needs.

While our competitors tout their plaques about being “fastest growing” and a “best place to work”, we take comfort in knowing that we are both by virtue of the daily smiles we see on the faces of our employees and our customers.

Come and join our team.

Joe Asady
Founder and CEO – Netfast
Cloud Managed Services That Transform IT