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Cyber Security from Netfast

First it was Target, whose 110 million customer records were brazenly stolen during the 2013 holiday shopping season. Then it was Neimen Marcus, another large retailer who admitted its customer records were stolen by hackers.

Even before Target and Neimen Marcus, companies of all sizes as well as government organizations and educational institutions have been hacked or spied on by cyber criminals for financial gains ranging from credit card theft to stealing intellectual property. Information security technologies of yesteryears are not sufficient to combat the growing sophistication and creativity of a new generation of international hackers and cyber-criminals.

To get a better understanding of various threats let us examine the various threat sources:

Netfast Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions

Through its partnership with leading cyber security solution providers and domain experts, Netfast consultants can perform an in-depth risk assessment of application, network, data and physical security threats to identify weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. The goal of the assessment is to become predictive in potential threat risks and apply advanced threat protection solutions to minimize the risks associated with various threats to corporate information technology resources.
Should an attack occur, Netfast Cybersecurity and Digital Forensic experts will perform a detailed analysis to determine the source, nature, magnitude and extent of the damage to the infrastructure or data and use the analysis to develop comprehensive solutions to prevent such future attacks.

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