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Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Firewall


The traditional firewall is obsolete…

All or nothing no longer protects..

Segmented security slows you down…

Enter Next Generation Firewall

Modern threats such as application layer attacks and web-based malware are changing the threat landscape and forcing technology leaders to find new solutions. Next Generation Firewall use application awareness and deep packet inspection to give business more control over applications used in the network while detecting and blocking threats.  They use techniques such as SSL injections, web filtering, and 3rd party application integration.

The primary benefits of Next Generation Firewall include:

Why Next Generation Firewall?

80% of new malware and intrusion attempts today are targeted at end-user applications rather than network.  Migration of traditional client-server applications to cloud is increasing the threat as admins are no longer able to separate critical web apps from traffic of lesser importance. With a NGFW solution you can mitigate the risk of end-users hogging your resources and introducing malware through usage of un-trusted applications.

Netfast Solutions

Netfast’s partnership with Palo Alto Networks allows us to offer the Next Generation Firewall as part of our advanced Cyber Security Solutions. Netfast security consultants will work closely with you to analyze your environment, determine possible threats, and find the right solution to protect your business.

Learn more about Next Generation Firewall solutions from Palo Alto Networks below or contact us today to schedule a free security consultation.



Next generation firewall security without any loss in data center performance

PA-5000 series

Protect high-speed data centers with next generation firewall security

PA-3000 series

Protect medium-to-large enterprise networks with next generation firewall security

PA-500 series

Protect medium-to-large branch offices with next generation firewall security

PA-200 series

Secure small to medium enterprise branch offices with next generation firewall security

VM series

The same next generation firewall and threat protection available for your public, private, or hybrid cloud computing environment.





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