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Leasing IT Equipment


Due to the rapid depreciation rate of networking equipment, purchasing IT infrastructure may not be the most economical means of acquisition for an organization. In addition, may companies cannot afford the large capital outlay required to purchase an entire new network.

Leasing Makes Good Business Sense

Leasing offers organizations an affordable path to taking advantage of the latest network technologies without requiring much in the way of capital expenditures. From software to hardware, Netfast offers lease options to fit any budget or scenario. With fixed monthly payments and a fixed interest rate, leasing can help companies manage growth at their pace, take advantage of the latest in technology assets and improve asset management.

For short-term needs, Netfast also has rental options available Рfrom one month to one year Рwhich can be beneficial for trade shows, proof of concept labs, data center relocations and more. Netfast can walk institutional leaders through the various leasing or rental options. Netfast will work with customers to find an appropriate financing company and has leasing/rental consultants on staff who can walk customers through the process.

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