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Netfast Careers – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the culture of Netfast?

We collaborate in teams and encourage entrepreneurial spirit.  We value the unique perspective and approach that each person brings. We ensure that every member of the team has a chance to make their mark and drive their own career growth. We encourage diversity in the workplace and embrace creativity and new ideas.

What type of candidate would succeed in the Netfast culture?

We seek people with strong drive, relentless curiosity, the desire to create their own path, the ability to work collaboratively, and the passion and leadership to make an impact.

How does your recruiting process work?

It is typically a five step process:

  1. HR contacts the qualified candidate for a phone screen
  2. Once the candidate passes the HR screen, the candidate will meet with the hiring manager and other team members
  3. Should the candidate pass the first round of interviews, the candidate will come in to meet with the leadership team for the final interview.
  4. Should the candidate be selected as the finalist, the HR will generate an offer within couple of days and invite the candidate back to their office for a discussion.
  5. If the candidate is not selected, HR will notify the candidate

Do you have an employee referral program?

Netfast pays $3,000 for referrals of Sales Executives should they get hired and stay employed for 6 months.

How do you give recognition?

We have formal appraisal systems whereby managers review performance every six months. We also set monthly goals and check-ins so our activities are aligned and each team member gets rapid feedback.

What career paths are available for Netfast sales team members?

We offer our staff a clearly structured career path and rapid career progression. Below is an example of a Sales Career Path:

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