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Cloud Managed Services Readiness Assessment

Can your SMB benefit from the Cloud?

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Cloud Managed Services Readiness

Can your SMB benefit from the Cloud?

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Buzzwords or Benefit?

Netfast Cloud Managed Services has developed a comprehensive Cloud Managed Services Readiness Assessment, where we conduct a detailed evaluation of your environment, and provide you with a digital business architecture road map to help you leverage the cost savings and competitive advantages available in the Cloud. This assessment will even go several steps further by taking into consideration the complexities and nuances of your particular business environment, making sure that you are truly ‘Cloud ready’.

Main Topics covered in Netfast Cloud Managed Services Readiness Assessment

Reducing Total Costs of Ownership: identifying consolidation opportunities, how to maximize ROI. Shifting expenses from capital to lower operational costs
Technology Management: cloud migration and support
Communication & Collaboration: exchange online, VOIP in the cloud,office 365
Cloud Security & Compliance: private cloud vs public cloud, HIPAA, SOX, and PCI compliant systems
Cloud Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: Datto best-in-class availability (system uptime), recovery options (system and data).

After we’ve completed our thorough review, we’ll present you with a detailed Cloud Assessment that will help you make those important decisions about transitioning your business to the Cloud.

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