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IT Lifecycle Management

Deliver, Operate, Manage, Repeat

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IT Lifecycle Management

As an IT Leader you are looking to maximize the return from your investment. But how do you know when reduced performance and user satisfaction are reducing your business performance?

Our IT Lifecycle Management services plan investments from end-to-end. From the initial design, to procurement, deployment, operations, and buyback our services are aimed to minimize the total cost of ownership from IT.

IT Asset Acquisition & Procurement

Your day-to-day business will require expansion of IT assets. Often this will mean the procurement of new technology. Other times the same objective can be achieved through acquiring used or refurbished equipment.

Benefits of Netfast Procurement Services:

Vendor and IT Asset Management

Netfast can manage the day-to-day tasks of alliance development, contract negotiation and ongoing maintenance of deployed equipment.  Our services will also track license management, reporting, and financial planning for upgrades.

Benefits of Netfast IT Asset Management Services:

IT Hardware Asset Buyback – Hardware Trade-In Program

Due to the high cost of upgrading network technology, companies are constantly looking for ways to stretch their IT budgets. Netfast can help reduce your costs by converting your surplus, legacy and obsolete used network equipment into cash.

As a leading expert in IT network technology, we specialize in used IT hardware trade-in. Our professional Asset buyback team can provide you with the highest value for major network manufacturer’s equipment.

Our IT Hardware Buy-Back program offers cash back for your network equipment and for companies seeking to upgrade to newer technology, our Trade-In Program is the perfect solution.


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