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The deployment of new applications or changes in critical IT infrastructure can be scary for organizations that rely on technology as a driver of productivity and bottom line revenue. With so much riding on the outcome of major initiatives, growth-minded organizations and enterprises simply can’t leave anything to chance—it’s essential to understand the potential issues and conflicts associated with new IT before the organization commits to costly capital expenditures and potentially disruptive implementations.

Interoperability and Proof of Concept (POC) labs mitigate the risk of IT initiatives by thoroughly evaluating and analyzing proposed hardware and application deployments during the initial planning stages of the project. But the effectiveness of interoperability and POC testing hinges on more than the approach—having the right hardware and equipment for interoperability and POC testing can make the difference between a highly accurate development process and a project that is blindsided by unforeseen issues and complications.

Netfast: Finding the Right Hardware for Interoperability and POC Testing

Netfast is an award-winning digital economy IT services firm for organizations and enterprises across North America. We specialize in helping enterprises and IT organizations make the most of their technology investments and we understand how daunting the implementation of new applications and infrastructure can be for organizations with sophisticated IT environments. A single misstep can translate into financial setbacks, delayed timelines and other outcomes that impact bottom line business performance.

To help organizations reduce the risk and uncertainty of major IT initiatives, we offer service provider and enterprise-class core routers and switches as well as other infrastructure equipment for interoperability and POC testing.

As a leading provider of enterprise IT solutions, we deliver added value to the provision of interoperability and POC testing hardware:

Unlike other hardware providers, Netfast understands how your organization can use interoperability and POC testing to improve the value of IT investments. More than a technology vendor, Netfast is a committed IT partner that is dedicated to your success

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