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Amazon Web Services: Leader in Cloud Security

Date posted: 29th September 2015

In a recent report from Forrester, Amazon Web Services was named the industry leader in Cloud Security. The report cities Amazon’s capabilities in Data Center Security, Certifications and Network Security along with best-in-class customer support, security partnerships and economy of scale.

Additional Key Takeaways

Public Cloud Platforms Provide Certifications That Significantly Enhance Workload Security
Today’s economic environment is forcing S&R professionals to consider alternatives to
on-premises security solutions to secure their cloud workloads. The best cloud platforms
offer effective physical and logical security and a portfolio of security certifications. These
capabilities will support IT professionals’ efforts to secure cloud workloads

The Cloud Market Is Growing as IT Leaders Look for Out-of-The-Box IaaS Security
The market of public cloud provider offered security solutions is growing. Security
has been the number one impediment to adoption. S&R pros increasingly trust cloud
providers to act as strategic partners and see built-in and optional cloud security
services provided by the CSPs as the way to address their top cloud security challenges.

Access Control, Data Security, And Service Partners are Key Differentiators in the Public Cloud Market
This Forrester Wave reviews the security controls available from four of the biggest
public cloud platforms. Several areas differentiated the vendors: AWS, Microsoft, and
CenturyLink provide strong access control. AWS and IBM have strong data security.
Professional services for all vendors could be stronger.