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IT Disaster Recovery for SMBs Report

Date posted: 28th September 2015

The State of IT Disaster Recovery for SMBs

Axcient recently published their analysis of the State of IT Disaster Recovery for SMBs. The goal of this report was to analyze current trends and SMB experience with IT backup and recovery along with the growing trend of cloud managed services based Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service.

Key Findings

  • 83% of small companies and 74% of mid-sized companies have had a major IT failure in the past 2 years.
  • Only 8% of SMBs could recover from a major IT failure within an hour with 23% expecting more than 1 full day of downtime. 
  • Potential consequences for IT leadership varied by company with the vast majority answering a poor performance review or job loss.
  • 90% of SMBs have multiple backup and disaster recovery tools with almost all of them reporting challenges (and increased risk) by having to use multiple tools.
  • Over half of SMB IT leaders are confident Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service can recover business operations within 2 hours of a failure.

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Data Source: Axcient-SMB-Backup-and-Recovery-Survey-Report-2014