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Security Operations Center or Cloud Security?

Date posted: 6th June 2017

As a midmarket company in the cloud era….do I go with an in-house Security Operations Center or Cloud Managed Security Services?

Security analyst David Strom recently analyzed why smaller and mid-sized businesses are moving away from the in-house Security Operation Center to Cloud Managed Services and associated Cloud Security offerings.

The primary driver of the migration for smaller-to-mid market business is enhanced cloud security features in the public cloud such as those offered by Amazon Web Services. Amazon Inspector as previously analyzed on this blog is primarily focused on identifying anomalies introduced during or post-deployment. The application allows Amazon Web Services to meet compliance with major regulations including PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard).

This functionality combined with a USM layer provided by a Cloud Managed Services provider can supply equal to our better security features for midmarket business without the costs of staffing an in-house security operations center.

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