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Migrate to Office 365: An Evolution Rather than Revolution

Date posted: 16th June 2017

Office 365 is beneficial to most small and mid-sized business, that is clear. But how do you minimize disruption for business critical apps such as email, productivity and collaboration?

Office 365 and Cloud Migration: An evolution…not revolution.

It took years to build Rome, it took 30 days to get your exchange server online.  Cloud applications including Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online are designed from the ground up to provide revolutionary cost savings, risk reduction, security protection, agility and quicker management all while making you the hero of the business.

This has made Office 365 a strong option for most small and mid-sized business in New York City and beyond. According to recent research by Microsoft and other major tech vendors over 50% of business are planning to migrate all or some of their users over to Office 365. Office 365 remains a good cloud service (and great cloud introductory service) that companies should consider for the reasons outlined above but steps should be taken to mitigate risks when moving business critical applications.

CIO should recognize the migration to cloud and Office 365 as an ongoing evolutionary process rather than revolution. A mix hybrid approach rolling out certain users, applications and gradual adoption will minimize risk exposure  while improving adoption and take rates to improve the investment ROI. The hybrid approach to cloud migration avoids the “all eggs in one basket” approach that can lead to Cyber Security or data loss vulnerabilities if working without a trusted managed partner.

Of course there are challenges to managing two systems in a hybrid approach. Time and labor costs may increase along with short-term management. But the short-term pain for the long term gain is a balance that CIOs should consider when choosing to migrate to Cloud Services, Exchange Online and Office 365.

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