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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Cloud Security 101…

Date posted: 23rd October 2015

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the United States. To improve your awareness our security analysts have outlined top cloud security threats to look out for when implementing your strategy.

Read below to learn more about the top cloud security tips threats today.

Implement a Cloud Security Plan

How should you approach cloud security? You should understand the importance of cloud security, along with the dangers associated with it in order to create an effective mitigation plan. Cloud Managed Security Services are designed in order to help design the plan using certified security engineers that have seen it all before.

Educate Your Employees About Cloud Security

Are your employees familiar with cloud security dangers? An employee who understand these problems can take the necessary steps to minimize their impact. We recommend employing a Cloud Managed Security provider to host training courses for workers about cloud security issues so that these employees can do what it takes to better secure their cloud environments.

Backup your Data – Cloud Backup

Have you backed up your cloud data and applications? If not, you can run into significant issues. Be sure to back up your data in the cloud; that way,  sensitive information and critical applications are safe and accessible at all times.

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Perform Regular Scheduled Cloud Security Testing

How well does your cloud security solution work? Is your Cloud Managed Security Services provider doing their job? Vulnerability scanning tools are valuable because they enable you to evaluate your cloud security solutions and ensure it is performing consistently. Regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are a must to stay protected.

Protect Your Passwords and Access Control

A recent study indicated that 90 percent of user-generated passwords were vulnerable to hacking. However, businesses that use a combination of characters, numbers, mixed-case letters and non-alphanumeric symbols + two-factor authentication and frequent change policies can instantly boost their cloud security levels.

Require Two-Factor Authentication For all Logins

Worth repeating again When it comes to protecting data that is stored in the cloud, adding another security layer can be crucial. Two-factor authentication adds a step to the login process, but it can reduce the risk of cloud security dangers becoming major problems for your business. Two-factor authentication is a major step toward preventing brute-force attacks and other main entry points into sensitive data and applications.

Deploy Cloud Security Encryption Tools

With encryption, you can add another layer of security to their cloud environments. Your Cloud Managed Security services provider can help deploy encryption tools to reduce your cloud security risks.

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