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What is a Cloud Broker?

Date posted: 22nd October 2015

Customers have been asking what is the cloud broker and why do I need it? The following post will explain the role of the cloud broker and how it fits into the world of Cloud Managed Services.

What is a Cloud Broker?

Cloud brokers and Cloud Managed Services providers partner with companies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google in order to provider cloud services. The primary value add is consultation, migration and vCIO advice for companies looking to migrate to the public cloud. Many Cloud Managed Services brokers also provide cloud security and compliance services to alleviate threats and concerns.

The role is similar to that of a financial advisor or insurance agent in which the “product” is typically the same no matter where you go but the service is the business value. Cloud brokers are not just rebillers or middle-men they are brokers providing services that align with business goals.

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