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Enterprise Class Cloud Computing for All

Date posted: 20th May 2015

In the fast moving world of information technology it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends that will affect your business. Cloud computing is the latest trend and hot topic of the moment, and the good news is cloud is not just for the enterprise. Small business can also see significant benefits and resource savings by migrating over. Is it right for you?


  • Software physically installed on an internal server
  • Accessible only within the “environment”
  • Physical space and cooling/electric costs onsite
  • Risk of downtime due to natural disaster, terrorism, or service outages.
  • Hackers know where to hit you

In the Cloud

  • Lower costs – no need to install physical software and pay only for what you need
  • Collaborate and access data remotely from any endpoint
  • Evolve your infrastructure with your business, easy to scale and adjust
  • No worrying about power requirements, space, or software updates
  • Backup and store data offsite, lessen the risk of hacks and downtime

Netfast has over 20 years of experience in the IT consulting and services space. Let our experience make your cloud migration simple and easy. Contact us today for a free consultation or read more on our Cloud Computing site.