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Amazon Web Services Unstoppable Cloud

Date posted: 30th October 2015

As previously covered in this blog Amazon’s recent re:Invent conference was the coming out party announcing leaving little doubt that Amazon Web Services is the winner of the cloud war. The recent 3rd quarter earnings only backed this up showing strong revenue and profit growth in the past quarter.

If you are not already convinced here are more reasons from our team why Amazon is the unstoppable force of the cloud.

1) Footprint growth

Amazon Web Services doesn’t just add a data center to its cloud network, they add clusters of data centers to keep with growth. If AWS anticipates growth in a region they proactively add clusters to stay ahead of the demand curve.

2)  New features here

With 530 “new features” in the past year AWS is maturing faster than any other service on the market. This is helping to mature  Amazon into the realm of an enterprise-class public cloud

3) System integrator becoming easier

My-SQL compatibility introduced in 2014 has made it easier to migrate DB to the cloud

4) Good for Amazon; profits increasing

Amazon Web Services operates at a significantly higher profit margin that Amazon’s legacy eCommerce business. The AWS division provided a healthy 25% margin in Q3 2015.

5) Strong BI and Analytics = more spend

QuickSight business intelligence service allows users to create visualizations and deriving analytic insights without complex data modeling.

6) Competitors exited the market, HP retires Helion Public Cloud

HP recently announced retirement of the HP Helion Public Cloud admitting that they have lost to Amazon Web Service

7) Former Competitors use Amazon Web Services

HP and Rackspace have become Amazon Web Services Managed Services Providers as they reduce their existing public cloud offerings

8) Keeping with the trends – DevOps

Amazon’s DevOps competency formalizes the process and gives system integrators a common language to talk to customers with.

9) The Internet of Things IoT

Amazon Web Services IoT will make it easy to connect, manage and secure IoT devices sending data to Amazon’s Public Cloud.