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Why Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services: New York

Has your company ever put off calling your IT support partner, in fear of the invoice that will accompany the service trip? Your company is certainly not alone.

At Netfast Technology Solutions, we get it. We understand that you need to be able to pick up the phone when you have a problem, but you also need to maintain cost controls when something goes wrong. Our Netfast Managed IT Services Plan provide you both the security of reliable proactive managed IT support and a price that won’t dissuade you from maintaining your critical IT systems and components.

For much less than the cost of employing an in-house technician, we provide you all of those benefits. They include your own personalized 24×7 help desk, monthly meetings with your personal managed IT services manager, proactive services to prolong the life of your systems, 24x7x365 help desk monitoring, fixed-fee onsite field services and more.

IT technicians take vacations, call out sick and eventually quit. A single person entrusted with your entire enterprise also will be prone to errors. Netfast Managed IT Services Help Desk will be there for you 24x7x365 and will work with you to enhance your business productivity and bottom line in both the short and long run.

Netfast’s Managed Services team is expert in everything they do. They have all the credentials and certificates required for truly first-class support to prevent critical failure. No single in-house employee has the collective background or expertise of our Managed Services technicians. Our team has 20 years of experience in implementing, deploying, and troubleshooting all types of systems. The peace of mind provided by our certified, accredited technicians gives your company the reliable managed IT service it needs, at a price point that won’t give you any reason not to make that call.

Why Managed IT Services?


Managed IT Services vs Hourly T&M Model

The 2 models are complete opposites of each other. If you think about the hourly model; an IT Service providers’ best interest is to do as much billable work as possible in a given month to be profitable. It is not in their best interest to go above and beyond to make sure issues are resolved permanently. The more hours they bill, the better the company performs. The Managed IT Services model is just the opposite. Since the service is fixed fee; it is in the provider’s best interest, that your network is running at its optimal performance. The Managed Service provider does not want your employees calling every day, and will do everything in their ability to ensure your users and network is running in tip top shape. This is a win – win scenario, because you as the business get excellent service and minimal down time from your employees, which gives them time to be productive and work on your business’s bottom line. The Managed IT Service provider will make sure they always go above and beyond when they fix an issue, and will always ensure that they fix things permanently, because they do not want your users calling every day.

Ultimately, a business wants their network to run efficiently and to be properly protected from failure and downtime, have great network security and have low risk of data loss or interruption. At the same time a business wants to have the competitive advantage against their competition and for their users to be productive. IT technology should be a competitive advantage, not a crutch or necessary evil. If configured right, using structured process, discipline, and industry best practices standardization, a business can leverage the power of a world class IT system for its success.

Benefits of the Managed IT Service Approach

The greatest value provided by Managed Services is its ability to proactively detect and resolve issues before they affect your organization’s daily business. A small investment in a Managed Services deployment can effectively insulate your I.T infrastructure from the rigors of day-to-day maintenance, applying hot fixes and security patches, and conducting vulnerability and penetration scans. Managed Services offers a seamless and an automated means by which to keep your environment secure and your network assets up to date.

Data Access, Interpretation, and Reporting Using Managed Services Automation Tools

Using the appropriate tools, a Managed Services deployment can automate such tasks as network asset discovery, capacity planning, and predictive analysis. Moreover, all of these procedures can be performed from a central location. Managed Services by a matter of course also can generate nearly any type of network performance and service usage report

Deployment of Managed Services

The value proposition of Managed Services for small to medium sized businesses is compelling. Irrespective of the application (data, voice, video. wireless), Managed Services supplies cost-effective ways for administering preventive maintenance, performing all network management remotely, and to squarely align an organization’s I.T requirements with their business needs. Implementing Managed Services entails examining the ongoing cost and efficiency benefits. How well does the deployment fit your company’s business operations? Fundamental to that question are Managed Services’ suite of central management tools; its asset management capabilities; and its remote monitoring and remote control facilities

What Makes Netfast Managed IT Services Different?

Managed IT Services for New York Small Business

Netfast is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan serving business throughout the New York City tri-state area and beyond. Our eco-system of best-in-breed IT service partners is unmatched in the industry and allows us to execute on projects in a more agile and cost effective way.


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