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Office 365 Backup-as-a-Service

More and more companies rely on Office 365 to get business done. But with all that cloud data comes a whole new set of concerns. What if someone accidentally deletes or overwrites a file? How do you make sure business-critical cloud information isn’t tied to the person who created it? When employees leave the company, can you prevent their files and information from leaving with them?

Netfast’s Office 365 backup solution keeps your Microsoft cloud data safe from all forms of harm, inappropriate behavior and loss — quickly, easily and above all, securely.

Netfast goes above and beyond industry standards to make sure your enterprise Office 365 data is secure and protected.

Netfast saves you time and stress with robust search filters that make it easy to quickly locate backed up files and folders. Even if the user can’t remember what she called it.

  • Manage backups, view restores, and see an activity feed from an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Zero in on emails and calendar invites with robust search parameters
  • Restore emails and calendar invites directly to a user’s account or download them instantly to your own computer

Social Media Backup-as-a-Service

Rich with company information and customer connections, your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are valuable marketing assets that costs a lot of time and money to develop and maintain. What would you do if your social media conversations were suddenly lost? How could you access them? Then there’s the issue of compliance. Keeping records of social media activity is just as important as maintaining records of emails, Salesforce conversations and other customer interactions.

Netfast keeps daily copies of all your social media accounts safe and secure. It puts ownership of social media data and content generated on behalf of your company in your hands; not in the hands of individual employees.



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