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  • Is your Wi-Fi Access Point secure?

    1st July 2014
  • Avaya’s simple plan

    3rd June 2014
  • Netfast Helps Senior Community Convert to Astute All-flash Array Solution

    7th April 2014
  • New Astute networked flash storage solution delivers competitive advantage

    24th February 2014
  • Brocade Extends Ethernet Fabric Leadership

    19th February 2014
  • Palo Alto Networks Launches the Industry’s Fastest Next-Generation Firewall

    18th February 2014
  • Brocade 100 GbE Core Routers Provide High-Performance Network

    21st January 2014
  • Huawei Aggressively Courts Rural US Telcos

    21st January 2014
  • Avaya builds massive Wi-Fi net for 2014 Winter Olympics

    21st January 2014
  • Silver Peak Software Wins for Performance, Affordability in 7-Vendor

    21st January 2014
  • Alcatel-Lucent says focus on fast broadband, IP is key to comeback

    29th November 2013
  • IT Buyers Starting to Look a Lot Like Consumer Shoppers

    29th November 2013
  • Euronews: Huawei Lands 400G Router Deal

    20th November 2013
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Company Overview

Netfast provides innovative information technology solutions to help accelerate business growth and improve operational efficiency. Beginning in 1996, our proposition is directly tied to our mission of improving business agility and profitability. We do this through the application of the latest information technology solutions.



Joe Asady is the  Chief Executive Officer of New York City based Netfast Technology Solutions Inc. With well over 3 decades  of IT management experience, ranging from software engineering to product distribution and technology services, Mr. Asady is leading Netfast’s initiative to become a leading provider of next generation of IT Services to accelerate business growth to its customers worldwide.

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  • “IT projects are often very complex and test the technical expertise and communications skills of any company.  Whenever we’ve needed their assistance, from replacing core network infrastructure to providing monitoring and remote support,  Netfast has not only been equal to the task, they’ve exceeded our expectations.”

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